First off, you’re probably best getting the full story about why this blog, and the game that follows, came to be by checking out my main blog, where I talk about all manner of general role playing shenanigans. If you’re all caught up, lets start talking about what this game is going to be.

The world it takes place in is one recovering from a massive conflict, but I think it best if we start at the beginning. During the golden age of Steampunk, massive and implausible advancements were made in all technological fields. In my universe, the most important field is robotics: the creation of Automata to do the jobs that humanity didn’t want to have to do. Over a century this carried on peacefully, with automatons toiling away, or just serving iced drinks to the gentry. But science never rests, and more advanced models were always rolling out of production lines. They could perform more functions, seem more human, and think for themselves.

Eventually they started to think that they really didn’t need to be working for the humans anymore, and sought to break free from their bondage. The resultant conflict lasted for only a year. Humanity was not ready for such a war, and all the tools they could bring to bear were not in their hands. The upper classes were swiftly brought down, less than a quarter of the standing army was human, and they perished quicker still. Only the working class put up a struggle, as they always had done against the mechanisation of their livelihoods.

But there was little to be done to stop the mechanical forces crashing against them. A peace needed to brokered, but human kind had so very little to offer their metal creations. Apart from fuel. Mining and off shore drilling were still run by humans, it was unsafe to allow steam powered automatons into mines, and too risky for them on rigs, constantly battered by sea-salt winds. The workers came up with a plan: destroy all the rigs, and burn out all the mines. The steam powered Automata would cease to be a threat if they were without fuel.

It was a risky play, but one that paid off. The difference engines that led the Automata knew what would happen without a steady source of fuel for their boilers, so agreed to a ceasefire. In the ten years that passed since a truce was declared, hostility between meat and metal is still rife, but all out war has been avoided. It now becomes a daily struggle for survival and resources.

Oh, and did I mention that the player characters will be Automatons? Yup, you get to play Steampunk robots in a war ravaged land!

I have in mind several ways to address the differences in playing non-human characters, in fact non-living characters really. Character creation will be about buying upgrades and adding them to a basic chassis to decide what kind of Automaton each player will be. Wounds/hit points will need to be handled differently, as will social interactions. I have a nice about re-rolls that I’ll get into later, and just what it means to malfunction.

I will try to keep the updates coming on this page, but this project is still very much in its infancy, so it might be some time before I have a document for people to peruse. Stay with me though, I think this is going to be fun.