Faults work very similar to Upgrades, just backwards. The points listed are what you get back in character creation points to buy either skill points, Upgrades or Attribute increases. Since they are all negative things for an Automaton – even if they do have have a positive side too – they won’t all have a Complication score. If they do, this number is added to the other Complication points when calculating the Malfunction score of the Automata. Any Faults picked up after character creation do not grant bonus character points, but if listed, may still apply Complication points.

Unlike Upgrades, it is possible to have more than one per location, as such they are not listed with a location. There isn’t actually any limit to how many Faults an Automaton can take, but they can only ever gain a maximum of ten character points by taking faults. If a player decides to take 11 or more points worth of Faults, they will only receive ten points back, but still suffer all the penalties for the Faults they have taken.

It is once more worth pointing out that this is far from a complete list, and that some may get cut after play testing. Even after I do compile a full list, if there is anything that a player wants as a Fault that isn’t on the list, they should discuss it with the GM and agree together how many points it is worth.

  • Ancient Automaton Made long before modern technology was at its current cutting edge, which of course causes problems. No Attributes may ever go above four, even with Experience point expenditure.
  • Clockwork Heart All Automata have a week spot in the head. Human designers put most of the computational hardware up there, in an effort to create life in their image. This one was was also given a heart of brass that is just as fragile. Hit locations of both nine and ten do double damage.
  • Corrupt Memory There are storage limits on even the best Difference Engines, but this Automaton struggles to keep much at all saved. No Skills may be taken above four points, even with Experience point expenditure.
  • Damaged Vox Unit Without the ability to form words, humans will have no idea what it’s saying, and even other Automata will be unable to comprehend anything other than basic communication. Unable to communicate at all with Humans, and all Bargain and Intimidate checks made against Automata are at minus four.
  • Empathy Many years spent in the company of Humans gave the Automaton a deeper understanding of the creatures, but also a sympathy for their soft and fleshy plight. Automaton will never attack a Human unless provoked or in danger of destruction.
  • Engraved “Kill-count” A reminder of how many men and women the Automaton killed during the conflict. Definitely won’t make it popular with the human survivors. Minus four to all Bargain checks against Humans, but plus two modifier to Intimidate checks against the same.
  • Exposed Workings With the insides already full of wires and the like, some parts just had to welded to the outside of the case. The Automaton’s Build counts as one point less when calculating its damage resistance.
  • Foreign Parts Some Automata just aren’t made to a fine British Standard. After character creation, all Upgrades cost an extra five Experience points.
  • Hidden Tracker Used by many a paranoid owner, this keeps tabs on any Automaton provided you have the correct radio equipment. Any large Human settlement cannot be surprised by this Automaton, as it shows up as a radio transmission. 
  • Loose Springs No matter how much they are tightened – and finding matching replacements is impossible – they never work as efficiently as they should. All Melee/Brawl attacks do two less points of damage.
  •  Obsolete Not just old, but from a factory line that was discontinued shortly after completion. Getting hold of the right parts is a daily struggle. Attempts to repair this Automaton suffer a minus two modifier. 
  • Over-sized Boiler. An out of date power system is very obvious indeed, and slows down even the strongest Automata. Reduce base Speed by two.
  • Oxidized Joints Without the correct lubricant, the delicate mechanisms in any Automaton will begin to seize up. Previous poor maintenance has led to a partial lock up of the Automaton’s joints, causing a minus one modifier to all Operations based skill checks.
  • Quality Control Issues The day this Automaton was built, they left the weekend Auto-shop kid in charge! Malfunction score counts as one higher with regard to Critical Rolls.
  • Running Hot. Due to a problem with the Automaton’s boiler, it is unable to regulate its temperature. Automaton adds one Malfunction point, but does an extra point of damage when making a Brawl attack. [Cannot be taken with Coolant System Upgrade]
  • Scrap Automaton. Not just the upgrades, but even the basic chassis have been salvaged together to create this Automaton. Minus two modifier to all Interface checks involving other Automata, unless they also have this Fault. 
  • Single Eye Although it looks interesting, an Automaton with only one ocular port is far from amazing at judging distances. All ranged attacks are considered to be made at one range rank higher.
  • Spindly Made with a mind towards aesthetics rather than function. Any attack that does ten or more points of damage, also knocks the Automaton prone.
  • Spoiled Existence  Not a fault in the manufacturing process, but the Automaton’s owner before the war. Nothing but the best will do this one. Automaton may never use salvaged parts for Repairs or Upgrades.
  • Tin Plated Cost cutting comes in many forms, but skipping quality on the external case is a risky business. It only takes nine points of damage to inflict a Malfunction point on this Automaton. [Cannot be taken with the Armour Plating Upgrade]

As you can see, this is a short list, but I’m expecting more after I try my first char-gen test early next week. I just need to work out two more things before then. Stay tuned for a page on Career Packages, and the a character creation summary. Hopefully it’ll all make sense when it all comes together.