The first draft is all done bar the equipment stuff. This is because – as mentioned previously – I’m trying to come up with a feasible way of equipping characters that will involve no money at all. I have some good ideas, but will need to put a bit more work into it until its ready to be seen by the public.

So what I would really like is for anyone who has the time and inclination to try and build a character based on what I have so far. To do this you’ll need to download the character creation document from my dropbox link. There are already some changes on this document compared to what’s on the website, as I’ve been looking at numbers and getting feedback, so please make sure you’re using the most up to date stuff. If anything changes, it’ll change on the dropbox document and I’ll notify people either on here or on my main Facebook page.

It is saved as a pdf, and if you want to print it off, I have made the font large enough that you can turn it into a booklet, meaning you will only need to use three pages printed front and back.

Once you have created something, please let me know how it went, if it all made sense, and what you had trouble with. If you can manage it, I would also love to see the final character. This is just for my own curiosity, and to get an idea about how people lay the info out for themselves, so I can start thinking about a character sheet design. That link, one more time.