I’ve been a bit busy so this post should have been ready to go by Friday. I’m glad I was a bit snowed under though, as it gave a lovely chap on G+ the time to look through my previous work and run off a character for me. It was nice to see that he had done similar things in a similar way to the people from my gaming society. He even had a fair few of the same concerns, hopefully the revised draft of the document will have resolved them.

Changes to look out for.

Different layout. Not only have a reworked the order of a few things based on where my test group expected to find them, I have split character creation into more distinct phases. This should hopefully make it easier to follow for people, and has cleared up the confusion as to what exactly a Career Module is.

The fact that they’re now called Modules rather than Packs is a little change, but part of a wider scheme of re-writes that I’ve been picking away at to highlight the Steampunk feel of the game and the setting. You will notice some sections have a paragraph in italics, these sections are written to be part of a catalog that Humans from the era would have looked through to select their Automaton parts and packages.

I have also made some changes to how Upgrades are laid out, with the MK I option being more distinct. There’s also a couple of extra Skills, Modules, Upgrades and Faults that were recommended tome by players, and if any readers come up with something they’d like to see on an Automaton, just let me know.

Possibly the biggest change is the points difference for Faults, and the fact that you get Complication points for them. In terms of balance, the numbers needed to be high, but it meant that players didn’t get too many choices. The addition of Complication points means I can lower the actual points without massively unbalancing things. As before it is still a work in progress, so please add any comments and thoughts below.

For now though, here is the link to the document. It is just an update on the original file, so previous links should work too.