Before we carry on into how combat works in my game, I have to give props to another system who I have inadvertently taken inspiration from. My basis for three different attributes determining the base for the three different combat skills was taken from a game that a couple of my friends are working on. They’re much further through than I am, and will hopefully have their game ready to go before too long. Keep an eye on their website, and if you’re on Facebook check out the page for the game as they will be posting advance updates on there. It really is a great system, and for my mind the combat system is one of the best out there. The fact that I have borrowed from it somewhat is just my way of paying the two chaps a compliment, and I hope you take the time to check them out once the game is fully ready to go.

Onto my system. There isn’t really that much different to most combat systems out there, as I don’t particularly feel like re-inventing the wheel. In it’s simplest form, you roll 2d10, and add them together along with your combat score. The bit I want to try out to see if it works is how hit location and damage are decided. I may end up ditching it and going for something a bit more simple, but please take the time to check it out and let me know what you think. If you’ve created a character or two, you could even try out a combat and let me know how it goes.

I also start talking about how Automata take damage in this section. Again, I am trying something out a bit different here, to highlight that the characters taking damage are more than flesh, but steel and brass instead. I was going to post it all on here, but it involves a hit location table, so to make life easier for myself I have decided to just throw up a link to the document in my DropBox account. As always, I’d to love here any feedback people have to offer.