A quick post here, just reassuring people that work is ongoing, but will stop appearing as dropbox links. They tend to get messed up as I modify things and move them into places that make more sense. Instead I’ve been advised that Google Drive might work for me. Because of this I have also popped everything into one document. It is not yet fully formatted, and still needs some work, but there’s plenty there to be going on with.

At the moment I’m putting some extra touches onto the combat system, and this has been leading me down the damage and repair rules, which I’ll probably be tackling next. Sadly I don’t have much of a plan for which bits of the rules I’ll be tackling in which order, as what ever it is I’m currently writing seems to influence what I end up working on next.

I do have a few things that need some work though, and the biggest of those are a character sheet, and some equipment. You will have seen recently my thoughts on economy, but I still haven’t got stats for the weapons you’ll be acquiring using these rules. I have a couple of ideas for character sheets, but graphic design is not my strong point, so please be gentle when I finally get round to putting something on line. I will probably put one or two up, and let people pick the one they prefer.