A few people have asked, so here we have it. It is the definition of a basic character sheet, as I have done the entire thing in OpenOffice, so please be gentle with me. I have a few leads with some people who will hopefully be able to do a much better job than this, but for now it does everything that it needs to do.

There will be a reverse side to the sheet, with plenty of space for weapons and other equipment, but since I’m still working on the weapons for a combat play test, I figured it would be best waiting until I had everything sorted.

If anyone is interested in taking a shot at character creation with the shiny(ish) sheet, then the following link will take you where you need to go for all of the rules covering character creation.

EDIT: Tidied the sheet up a bit, added a couple of bits I had forgotten, and managed to sneak some weapon bits on the bottom. I think the final product may still go over to two sheets though, as I have some thoughts on reputation that might need to be put on a character sheet.