After spending a couple of hours going through the process not so long ago – and having an extra sent courtesy of friendly internet chap – I decided to use the character sheet that I made last week. I have already spotted a couple of upgrades that I need to make on the sheet so that things have a proper place, but I’m overall quite happy with how this process is going.

After changing a few bits of character creation after some feedback from the test I did, I have needed to update and modify and a few bits from the characters that my mates made. This has actually turned out pretty good though and I’ve ended up with a set of characters that are a bit closer to what I had in mind than I had after they were first made. If you want to take a shot and let me know how it went, then everything you need to know is through this link.

The rules are still very much a work in progress, and probably will be for quite some time. If you’re having trouble making sense of what I’m putting out, please take the time to let me know what it is specifically that you’re struggling with. Every bit of feedback means I’ve got a better chance of making a game that people will want to play, and that’s the whole point of this exercise. Be warned though, I will engage with you about feedback, and thoroughly look forward to a brisk and lively debate. I won’t automatically change things because someone might not like it, but I am always open to having my mind changed, just don’t be afraid to try and change it by arguing with me.