As you are no doubt aware, I was lucky enough to try out a few rounds of combat last week down at the weekly gaming society meeting. If you missed the news, check out the last post for details, but basically it went down pretty well. There were a few suggestions and changes though, so I’ve started working on those. To save you trawling through the 29 pages I have so far, I’ll sum them up below, but if you’re interested to see how the document is coming along, clicking this link should take you straight to it.

Initiative. I have added an optional step here for Automata, to highlight how different they are, and how much quicker they process sensory information. Basically they can choose to make a Notice check to gain some extra info about their enemies. A critical success gives away some fundamental weakness, but a Critical failure costs them an entire round of activity.

Special Attacks. One thing that came up was how nice it was that pretty much everything worked in the same way. In combat this is big deal as I don’t want to get bogged down with complicated rules. So any special attack – so far covering stun and fire damage – works just like normal, with one additional effect.

Point blank ranged attacks. This one was pretty straight forward, but just means that shooting someone at point blank is checked against the opponent’s Parry/Dodge rather than a base difficulty for range.

Thrown weapons. Just added as I forget to put them in originally, and pretty straight forward. Might need some more work as I think that the target number for this kind of attack should be against a Parry/Dodge score rather than the range difficulty. During the play test it was also noticed that I had no rules for explosives, so expect a section covering this to pop up soon.

I have also been working on some actual setting information that you can find right at the bottom of the document, at the moment covering some human factions that are active in the post war world.  Still a long way to go until that section is complete, but it has got me thinking about a reputation type mechanic that I might want to use. As you can see, still along way to go, but I hope you’re liking what you see so far.